Yandera Project - Regional Exploration

Yandera Project - Prospects
Yandera Project - Prospects
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Yandera Central Porphyry Long Section
Yandera Central Porphyry System
Mineral Zones & Prospects
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With over 1,500 km2 of exploration licences Marengo's project area is highly prospective for further metal discoveries, both base metal and precious metals.

During 2012 an airborne magnetic and radiometric survey was flown over a large section of the Yandera Project tenements northwest and southeast of the Yandera Central deposit. This helicopter mounted survey was flown on 100 metres line spacings at a flying height of between 60 and 80 metres.

The results of this survey coupled with the 2009 survey have highlighted the importance of the structural evolution of the area in focusing fluid flow and magmatism. Similar structural features are already well recognised in South American porphyry copper belts.

This survey has produced a suite of exploration targets local to the Yandera Central deposit, which will be the focus of future programs, with the first exploration programme at Rima having commenced.