Sustainability - Community

The importance of building good community relations and to be sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders is recognised by Marengo as the key to successfully developing a project such as Yandera. Since its first involvement at Yandera in 2005, the company has placed a strong emphasis on engaging with the local community.

The company's site based community affairs team continue to engage with local communities to provided them with updates on Marengo's site activities and future plans. As the activities expand beyond Yandera itself, the community affairs team have also expanded their area of influence, in order to keep those other communities that will be impacted by regional infrastructure informed.

The company believes that the efforts put into community affairs have created a strong bond between Marengo and these communities.

In addition to the community affairs team the company also continues to engage the services of an independent anthropologist, who is well experienced in the Yandera region. This work includes local community census and an assessment of the social changes taking place within these communities.